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I am a very pretty boy Mummy told me we were born to be sold as meat by a man who had lots of animals, but then he got ill and stopped looking after us. Mummy got really skinny and didn't have enough milk for me to drink, so I got skinny too. A lovely lady who rescues animals took us all to her shelter, but didn't have the resources to keep us, it rained all the time and our skin got very sore, that's when HeeHaws stepped in to help her, help us. One day a HOOGE lorry arrived, which was very scary, but mummy got on, so I followed. It was a VERY long journey and when we arrived, my legs were very weak and wobbly, but WOW, you should have it, GRASS, loads of it, a bin full of lovely hay and OMG, a straw bed inside a lovely shelter for us to lay on, we had come to heaven!

We were treated for lots of wormy things and mummy had some medicine for her throat and we've now put on lots of weight, the scabby bits on my ears and nose, from standing in the rain, have now healed up. My aunties at HeeHaws say I'm a little monster now, I think that's a good thing, isn't it? I don't always want to wear a head thingy, but I'm learning and mummy is very proud of me!

Things I love
Bum scratches
Being brushed when I feel like it
Two meals a day
and playing with my cousin Caspar

Things mummy loves
Ginger biscuits
Two meals a day
Ginger biscuits
and more ginger biscuits.Hello

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