Meet Bluebelle and Beatrice

Hi! We are Bluebell and Beatrice…or Beatrice and Bluebell; we don’t mind which one comes first.
We travelled all the way from Normandy to the HeeHaws sanctuary and are now at our forever home…and we are so glad to be here. Thanks to all who helped to make it happen.
We are, but that will be confirmed in November when the dentist comes to visit.
We are living in the “Geriatric Paddock” with Duchesse and Princesse and are becoming ace buddies.

This is Beatrice now. I just wanted to tell you a few things about me…
I am part Poitou, which means I will have some shaggy hair going on when my skin has cleared up. I’ll look smashing…ok, even more smashing than I do now.
At the moment, I have been suffered from what is known as “sweet-itch”, which is a bad reaction to flies and means I have rubbed much of my fur off as I’ve been super itchy. We are are sure it’ll grow back. Carina has been applying some magic ointment to help with this, and so far it’s working a treat. Hurrah!
It has to be said, I am thin, out of condition and had to be wormed to help me on my journey to be well. I have been a bit wobbly on my feet, but much of that was down to the travelling – Normandy is a long way away – and because I needed some healthy grub to fill my belly.
My ears are so floppy and give me an air of being soulful. I mean, I am, but I am also a cutiepie with character.

Things I like:
Being cuddled – it took me a couple of days to get used to it, but now I can’t get enough
Having a race with Bluebell to see who can eat their scrummy food first…I usually win
Knowing I am safe at HeeHaws
Meeting my new chums in the “Geriatric Paddock”

Hey, it’s Bluebell now. I’m very quiet at the moment, so there’s not a huge amount to say about me just now. It’s not because I’m not sparkly – I most certainly am – I’m just finding my feet here and getting used to the tranquility of HeeHaws.
I love my food and I also love to share it. Apparently I need to eat it all myself as I need to put on a few kilos, but sharing is caring and that’s a good thing. Oh, I’m getting muddled now; it must be time for a ear scratch.
I’ve heard Carina say that I am “sweet-natured” which is just the kindest thing to say and I’ll happily take that compliment.

Things I like:
Having my ears scratched. I can’t tell you how fabulous it is. You should try it
My Sudocrem socks…which is a soothing ointment to help with the bitey fly bites
Following my new pals around because I love company and the feeling of friendship here at HeeHaws