Meet Belle and Merlin... and Gandalf!

HeeHaws has had its first successful adoption. We are very proud of what we have achieved, want to share the story with you and show you what we can achieve with hard work and a lot of help and love. A little while ago we were approached and asked if we would be able to rescue two lovely animals in need of a new home. So, let us introduce you to Belle, a Shetland pony, and Merlin, a donkey. Belle and Merlin are devoted companions and needed to be re-homed. Separating these beautiful friends was not an option: it was important that they remain together. .

Belle and Merlin had been taken in after their first owners returned to the UK. These new people hadn’t taken care of them and had left them unattended in a huge field with little supervision or care. They became overweight and laminitic…a very painful condition that also causes distress for equines. Merlin had also developed a fatty lump on his neck which was developing sores. They were both in a sorry state and in need of care and attention.

Enter Penny, a kind lady who took them in as a short term solution, as they couldn’t be left in that state. It was meant to be short term because Penny didn’t have enough land for them, but was determined to help.

Belle and Merlin were put on a restricted diet to get their weight down, and Merlin’s sores were taken care of. They were beginning to lose weight and settle, but Penny knew that this couldn’t be a permanent solution, especially as her health had begun to deteriorate.

Unfortunately Penny became quite unwell and the need to find a forever home for the two faithful friends had become somewhat urgent.

As all of this was going on, HeeHaws had been contacted by a willing, able and kind couple who were eager to help us by rescuing a couple of donkeys. Judith and Rod live near us, which made the arrangements and planning much easier, and were prepared to do what was needed to facilitate a rescue.

So we told Judith and Rod about Belle and Merlin and the wheels of rescue started to move.

A visit was arranged for us to visit Penny, Belle and Merlin. We made the three hour journey, said our hellos, made friends and to everyone’s delight a mutual agreement was made for Judith and Rod to take in Belle and Merlin….with a surprise addition of Gandalf, a cheeky goat.

The arrangements for transporting the trio was not without some pretty major problems. It felt like if something could go wrong, it went wrong: wheels seized-up, trailers were unavailable and the rescue had to be postponed numerous times.

We were not deterred. Oh no. This rescue would happen….and it did.

On the day of rescue, all was going well until the car broke down on the motorway, multiple times, with Belle and Merlin on board. But with the help of some (more) amazing people the precious load was safely delivered to Judith and Rod.

We are tickled pink to say that Belle, Merlin and Gandalf are safe, well, happy and very much loved in their new home. 
Were all the stress, problems, hiccups and difficulties worth it? ABSOLUTELY. Without a shadow of a doubt it was worth it. 
Three beautiful animals are loved and safe. Penny is freer to get herself better…we wish her well.
Heehaws facilitated this with *your* help and we shall do it again….in an instant.


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