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Thank you for taking the time to visit us and showing an interest in the work we do

Who are we?

We are a registered charity in Razac D’Eymet, Dordogne run by a team of dedicated volunteers.

What do we do?

We rescue and care for abused and neglected donkeys and help them find a forever home.

What do we need?

We need donations for the farrier, vet bills and transport costs for the donkeys we rescue.

How Can You help

Become a Member

As a member you receive a membership card, keyring, updates and newsletters. You will also be the first to know about our events.

Sponsor a Donkey

All the same goodies as a member, plus a certificate and photo of ‘your’ donkey. You will also be invited to our sponsor 'Donkey Days'.


Time, resources, labour, funds and the occasional cuppa are equally valued and appreciated by all of us… although the donkey's prefer ginger nuts!

Support An Event

We hold lots of curry nights, discos and quiz nights. Join in the fun and follow our blog, Facebook or Instagram for what's on.


Please help us to help them. All donations however large or small will make a difference to their lives. Vist our link below for more info.

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COMING SOON. Use our special link to buy through Amazon. It's FREE to use and we receive a percentage of your purchase price

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Meet Our Team

We have a fabulous team here at HeeHaws. Every one of them plays a very important part, ensuring all our donkeys needs are met and everything runs smoothly.  Find out more by clicking on each picture.


Our donkey friends

These are the lovely donkeys that HeeHaws have in their care. All have their own quirky and loving characters. 
No longer afraid, hungry or unloved.  Click on each image to read their story.
Holly & Caspar
Duchesse & Princesse
Dolly & Dudley
Blubelle & Beatrice
Lottie & Wilfred
Holly & Caspar
Duchesse & Princesse
Dolly & Dudley
Blubelle & Beatrice
Lottie & Wilfred
Angel and Cracker

Help us to help them

We rely on the help and support to keep HeeHaws up and running. If we did not receive your help then we would not be able to rescue abused and neglected donkeys, build and maintain their health, ensure they get regular visits from the farrier and vets…and all the other things that go with running a donkey sanctuary.

We appreciate every single bit of help that we receive.  Thank you 

Donkey News

Keep up to date with HeeHaws latest news and what our donkeys have been up to…